Pot of Gold

“I’ll see this through to the end,” she said of her first store that sold products and material dedicated to the gay and lesbian community. Her business soon turned into a multinational corporation that eclipsed even Wal-Mart!

She’d reached the end of the rainbow, and found the pot of gold.

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The Machine

For decades, He built his machine, hand-milling each rod and cog…  It would be his crowning achievement.  The end was at hand.

Over the years, bats had taken residence inside the deeper parts of the machine.

Finally, he started the machine, which promptly blew up.

It’s raining bats and cogs!

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Robots Can Play Ukelele?

I sang my song, and the robot listened intently.

“Let me prove that I can play.  Let me add a solo, at the end,” it asked.

I recorded its solo, mixed it in with the song, and we both listened to the results.

Flash required

The robot seemed content.

I was uneasy.

Writer’s / composer’s / performer’s / music producer’s note: this is the version of the song I originally intended to post yesterday, but I needed help to produce the synth solo at the end, which is why the original version fades out, instead of reaching the original ending I’d recorded.  I won’t take credit for the synthy addition, but the person who contributed them wishes to remain anonymous (but not out of shame, from what I can tell.)

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