On the Job

Another boring day at the office. Same old dreadfully tedious numbers.

Except when there’s a discrepancy, in which case it’s the same old procedure, even if the moment of discovery is exciting for about a second.

As my cubicle neighbor starts to sneeze uncontrollably, I login to my auditor’s account.

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Herb Garden

She was trimming her herb garden, busily pulling out all the weeds, removing the diseased or dying parts of otherwise viable plants.

Some varieties of herbs she’d planted were proliferating more than expected, stifling others.

That wouldn’t do.

“What’cha doin’ ?” asked her neighbor.

“Oh, right now, I’m just killing thyme.”

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A Pretty Bad Case of the Mondays

“I hate Mondays!” As cliché as it was, he really meant it. “Weekends should be longer by one day,” he complained bitterly. “But then, you wouldn’t accomplish anything,” retorted his cubicle neighbor. “Since weekends were extended to start on Tuesday, back in 2078, you’re just proving how lazy you are.”

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