“It’s going to change you, man.”

“You mean it’ll rewrite my operating parameters?”

“You NERD.  Something like that, yeah.”

“But, more power can only lead to bigger accomplishments!”

“Well, yeah, it can, but, like they say, ‘power corrupts’. ”

“So, it’s like a surge, and then I end up with bad clusters?”

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The Power of the Mind

I can travel anywhere I want, through the power of thought.

I’ve gone around the world, and out in space.  I’ve visited the deepest oceans, and the tallest summits.  I’ve been inside the Sun.

But right now, I’m in Ottawa.

Sometimes, my mind takes me where I’d rather not go.

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He knew more than anyone else.

Uncounted vistas of knowledge, coupled with instant recall.

A walking, talking encyclopedia.

An unbeaten master at Trivial Pursuit.

So they captured him, modified him.  Plugged him in.

Turns out, he knew enough to supply electricity to half the country.

After all, knowledge is power!

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