The Alien Invasion Song (part 3)

When the aliens came, we weren’t ready for them

They came as friends, but we took them for conquerors

They wanted to share their culture and science

We thought they were trying to assimilate us

So we attacked.

And they left.

And now we’re all alone.

Quarantined civilization.

Xenophobic doom.

And there you have it (for now.)  To emphasize the fact that the song is in three parts, the recording will be made up of three distinct-sounding parts.  Each of the three 50-word segments has its own rhythm, and they will be linked with something special (which I haven’t devised yet…)

Now, in order to catch up to the back-log, I still owe you another story.  This will come later tonight.

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The Alien Invasion Song (part 1)

I thought I’d have this song ready before the end of the weekend.  It’s the reason for the lack of updates since Wednesday.  Anyway, here are the three 50-word parts of the song.  It’ll probably take me another week, at least, to record everything and get the full song ready for posting here.  In the meantime, you can enjoy the words outside their musical context, and evaluate them on their own merit.

And don’t bother looking for rhymes, I didn’t put any in there, at least not on purpose.

When the aliens came, we thought we were ready
When they landed, we cautiously greeted them
But we kept our arsenal behind our backs

In friendship we held out our hand
And we secretly made a fist with the other

We thought we were ready
But they had us already!

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The last man on Earth was lonely. So he cloned himself.

But that got boring fast: “I can’t stand talking to myself like that!” he would exclaim himself.

He would sometimes hope some aliens would drop by. Seeing new faces would be nice.

Even if they came to take over.

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Enemy Theirs

Two enemy pilots crashed onto an uninhabited planet while engaged.

They gradually learned to trust each other, and became good friends.

The alien pilot told the human he was pregnant (don’t ask) then died.

The human’s bittersweet joy at this event was interrupted when thousands of baby aliens devoured him.

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When the Aliens Came

“When the aliens came–”

“You start all your stories with that.”

He disregarded the rude interruption.

“When the alie–”

“Why won’t you tell a different story?”

He sighed.

“Because it’s a defining moment in our history. It changed things forever.”

“History is no excuse for lack of imagination.”

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The Puzzle

No one knew where the puzzle came from, but now you couldn’t go out in public without seeing at least one person trying to solve it.

The first person who solved it committed suicide.

“Their brains are not evolved enough to encompass the 21-dimensional manifold of hyperspace,” concluded the aliens.

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The Invasion

When the aliens came, they didn’t waste time learning to communicate. Unless you consider plasma beams communication. They overwhelmed our military and paralyzed them, with minimal collateral damage and civilian casualties.

Then they turned to our governments and made their first communication attempt:
“All your base are belong to us!”

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