The Alien Invasion Song (part 2)

They brought all this technology
And showed us how to use it properly
They taught us their way of life
And they introduced us to their culture

They solved many (but not all) of our problems
And they only asked for friendship in return
…and we weren’t ready for that.

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The Alien Invasion Song (part 1)

I thought I’d have this song ready before the end of the weekend.  It’s the reason for the lack of updates since Wednesday.  Anyway, here are the three 50-word parts of the song.  It’ll probably take me another week, at least, to record everything and get the full song ready for posting here.  In the meantime, you can enjoy the words outside their musical context, and evaluate them on their own merit.

And don’t bother looking for rhymes, I didn’t put any in there, at least not on purpose.

When the aliens came, we thought we were ready
When they landed, we cautiously greeted them
But we kept our arsenal behind our backs

In friendship we held out our hand
And we secretly made a fist with the other

We thought we were ready
But they had us already!

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