Breakfast Cereal

“I’m so hungry, right now.”

“Here, have a bowl of this breakfast cereal.”

” ‘Analphabits’?  Don’t they mean ‘Alphabits’ ?”

“They’re very similar.  But these are all broken up, so they don’t look like actual letters.  They’re unreadable.”

“Ah.  But the ‘Anal-’ part isn’t very appetizing.”

“Well, they do look like shit.”

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Mario the Incompetent Plumber

“Ever stop to think that Mario might’ve deserved whatever Donkey Kong threw at him?”

Oh boy, another rant…


“Imagine DK hired Mario to fix his pipes.  Then the sewers backed up, and there’s shit everywhere.  So DK puts the shit into barrels, throws them at Mario, out of spite.”

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So Many Monkeys!

When the zoo was abandoned, many of the animals died, for lack of care.

Not the monkeys!  They thrived, using their above-average intelligence (for animals) to mimic the humans who once took care of them.

They multiplied. There was monkey shit everywhere.

A sea of monkeys.

Monkey sea, monkey doo-doo.

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