Vinyl Fetish

“Broken or unplayable vinyl records should be recycled.”

“Into what?”

“Well, vinyl is short for polyvinyl chloride, or PVC.  They could make shiny, sexy clothes.  Wouldn’t you like to get a nice, slick catsuit for your wife to wear?”

“Not sure.”


“My wife already sounds like a broken record…”

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Breakfast Cereal

“I’m so hungry, right now.”

“Here, have a bowl of this breakfast cereal.”

” ‘Analphabits’?  Don’t they mean ‘Alphabits’ ?”

“They’re very similar.  But these are all broken up, so they don’t look like actual letters.  They’re unreadable.”

“Ah.  But the ‘Anal-’ part isn’t very appetizing.”

“Well, they do look like shit.”

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