Robots Can’t Play Ukelele

Today, instead of a 50-word story, I offer you a 50-word song, which I composed, recorded and mixed today, all by myself.

Click the play button to hear the results:

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Robots can’t play
Their fingers are all wrong
And they’re much too strong
They’d squeeze it too tight
Plus they can’t fly a kite

Robots can’t play
They don’t know ’bout melody
Mess up theĀ  harmony
They can get in the rhyth’um
But a uke isn’t a drum

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The Song

The song was stuck in his head. He couldn’t remember the lyrics, but the melody wouldn’t go away. As he hummed tunelessly, others picked it up and also couldn’t get it out of their heads. Soon, everyone was humming it. And that’s how the song virus destroyed civilization on Earth.

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